DocsBox: World War I

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DocsBox: World War I

World War I – Geared Towards Middle and High School

Students will expand their knowledge of World War I through the use of primary sources, media, and reproductions. Classrooms will analyze the effects of new technology in warfare, read entries from Tennessee soldiers who witnessed these new weapons first-hand, and learn about Alvin York’s heroic efforts and how Tennesseans memorialize him today.

You can view our DocsBox Companion Video Alvin C. York, Technology, and World War I here.

Included in this DocsBox:

  • TSLA Primary Sources
  • Teacher’s Guide 
  • Student Worksheets
  • Over There!  American Songs and Marches of the Great War 1917-1918 CD
  • DVD:  How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson
  • DVD: First Air War
  • Reproduction Gas Mask

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