Education Outreach: Field Trips

Field Trips

The Tennessee State Library and Archives offers year-round, free, curriculum-based and on-site interactive classes for students. Our educational programs focus on providing students with the hands-on opportunity to engage with historical documents in group-centered exploration. Topics span Tennessee and American history with particular focus on the 4th, 5th, 8th, and High School American History social studies standards. National History Day research trips and beginning genealogy classes are also offered.

Frequently Asked Questions:Field Trip

1) What is the minimum number of students?

We request at least 10 students for a field trip. Homeschool groups may reach out to us at for accommodations.

2) How many students may educators bring on a field trip?

The Tennessee State Library and Archives can accommodate up to 90 students at a time.

3) How far in advance do reservations need to be made?

We request at least one month in advance of your visit.

4) How long is each program?

Program duration depends on each program, but most of our classes are structured at 60 minutes.

5) What are your chaperone requirements?

We request one adult chaperone per every 10 students.

Scheduling a Field Trip

To schedule a field trip at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, email us at with the following information and someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

  • Teacher Name
  • School Name
  • Number of Students
  • Topics of interest
  • Potential Dates