Education Outreach: Digital Breakouts

Digital Breakouts 

Digital Breakouts are tools for educators that use primary and secondary sources to help students learn the concepts of specific Tennessee Social Studies curriculum standards. More coming soon!

Elementary Breakouts (K-5)

Tennessee Symbols Digital Breakout Tennessee Symbols, K-2

Agriculture, 3-5

Battle of Shiloh, 4th

Civil War Digital Breakout Civil War with James Tall, 5th

Suffrage with Ida B. Wells Suffrage with Ida B. Wells, 3rd-5th


Middle/High Breakouts (6-12 & college)


Cherokee Removal, 5th & 8th

1834 State Constitution Digital breakout 1834 State Constitution, 8th

Civil War Digital Breakout Civil War, 8th

Coal Creek Labor Saga Digital Breakout Coal Creek Labor Saga, 11th

Alvin C. York, 11th

Suffrage Showdown Digital Breakout Woman Suffrage 6-12