DocsBox: Civil War

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DocsBox: Civil War

Civil War – Geared Towards Upper-Elementary and Middle School

Our Civil War DocsBox is packed full of great historical reproduction materials to give your students a hands-on approach to learning about the Civil War and its impact on Tennessee. Through physical materials like a pair of soldier’s brogans (shoes) to letters, photographs, and diaries, students will dig deeper into their Civil War curriculum. Investigative topics in this DocsBox includes the election of 1860, battle statistics, daily life for a soldier, the aftermath of battle, United States Colored Troops, as well as women’s involvement in the war.

Included in this DocsBox:

  • TSLA Primary Sources
  • Reproduction Brogans (shoes)
  • Reproduction Minie balls
  • Hardtack
  • Reproduction historical pens and pencils
  • Reproduction Breastplate
  • Teacher’s Guide
  • Student Worksheets

DocsBox: Civil War Calendar

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